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The Discount Card point24


Following 2 years’ research and preparation, The Discount Card Point 24 and The Point 24 Guide has being launched on the Costa del Sol and your company is invited to work with us. With that in mind, we would like to invite you or your company to participate in this campaign. The benefits to your organisation will be; an increase in turnover as a direct result of new customers, an increase in spending by existing customers, additional business during quieter periods and a unique opportunity to increase the sale of slow moving products or services provided by your company.


The members of The Discount Card Point 24 and The Point 24 Guide will seek out your company to collect discounts that you will be offering through the Discount Card by buying your products or using your services. Our Discount Card members will enjoy and benefit from all the discounts and promotions offered by all the participating companies in this discount campaign across the Costa del Sol.


The Discount Card Point 24 and The Point 24 Guide offers you a unique opportunity to increase your turnover and to expand your client/customer base, at the same time, increasing your business profits and visibility. With the current downfall in the economy, we felt the necessity to create an innovative method to atract more customers to businesses and at the same time allow the consumer to increase his spending power buying local products and services more frecuently.


The objective of The Discount Card Point 24 and The Point 24 Guide consists of using a practical and proactive approach by connecting businesses to the buying power of the local community.


Our marketing strategy consists of networking, public events and mutual colaboration in order to provide businesses with a concrete sales approach and provide the consumer with cost saving benefits.


Our Guide offers you a unique opportunity to get to know your customers and to offer them a more personalized service. As well as performing different commercial actions to promote loyalty to existing customers, rewarding new customers and at the same time obtaining an increase in sales.


At this moment we have over 45.000 members in Málaga and that amount will increase gradually.


Our only requirement is for you Company to offer our Card Members some kind of discount when they visit your business and use your services.

We will also need for you to send us your company logo and a few pictures of your business and your business address to put them in our final Website and the type of discount you will be offering..

If you can scan your business card and e-mailed it to us will be very helpful and also the information about the type service you are providing.


Kind regards,


Jorge M. Rojas

Sales Director.


Email: jrpoint24@gmail.com

Mobile: 650 654 559

Website:- www.point24.es


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