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07.02.2010 73013743.jpg U.S. unemployment rate falls unexpectedly, but job losses continue The jobless rate declines to 9.7% in January from 10% in December. However, employers cut a net 20,000 jobs last month.
19.01.2010 work_on_pc.jpg Job retraining program welcomes white-collar workers Thanks to $415 million in federal stimulus
10.01.2010 joblessapsanjose.jpg Surprise rise in US job losses US employers unexpectedly cut 85,000 jobs in December, but the unemployment rate held steady at 10%, official figures have shown.
27.10.2009 best_job.jpg BEST JOBS IN AMERICA 1. Systems Engineer
11.11.2008 DHL_logo.jpg Deutsche Post cuts 9,500 DHL jobs Deutsche Post is to cut 9,500 jobs at DHL Express in the US and scale down the operations of the US business.
15.05.2008 CBS_News_Logo.jpg CBS buys tech news website CNET Television company CBS has agreed to buy technology news and entertainment website CNET for about $1.75bn (£900m)...
15.05.2008 labourmarket.jpg New trends in the integration of convicts ANDROS is a civic association that provides education for adults, seeks to develop conditions for general and constant access of individuals to new and revision of existing knowledge and skills and to stimulate their proactive approach to further education.

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